The energy sector is subject to many changes in the coming period due to the transition to the wholesale model. At Collectia we continually keep informed about this development – and adapt to the new reality as well as to our clients requirements.

Collectia has worked with energy claims for many years – and has a large and deep knowledge of the recovery of those. We help today our clients with all types of energy cases such as power outage, meter exchange, reminders and debt collection management of arrears.

Collectia has developed an energy solution which makes it simple and easy, to be a client of Collectia. We put a web solution at your disposal that can give you a full overview of your cases and at the same time report our results to you – which you can either download or choose that we send it to you.

Through our partnership with the law firm Advokatfirmaet Burmeister, you get a solution where you can follow your claims throughout the debt collection process – from ordinary debt collection process to the legal collection process and campaigns in monitoring. In addition, we offer several “recovery tools” compared to ordinary debt collection agencies. We can offer you, among other things, a nationwide consultant service (field agents visit debtors at their home address), preparation of orders for payment, effective legal processes, specialist team that handles bailiff’s court meetings etc.

Collectia has developed a unique collection score, which calculates the statistical probability of the debtor’s ability to pay. Our debt recovery score makes us also able to give you an assessment on the economic process of your cases before they move on to legal collection. The debt collection score also makes us able to identify the collection tool (phone calls, SMS, consultant visits, legal actions, campaigns etc.) that best fits your customer. We know that people are different and react to different forms of communication – we use this knowledge actively in our recovery strategies.

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5 Advantages

  • Specialist department with great knowledge of the energy claims
  • Unique partnership with the law firm Advokatfirmaet Burmeister
  • Industry-leading web solution
  • A partner which is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Flexible solution that is tailored to your needs