Banking, Finance and Mortgage Credit

Collectia has developed a customized debt collection solution for companies in the financial sector. This is based on a holistic recovery process where the debtor's ability to pay determines the collection activities we will initiate.

In order to provide the best and most competent service, all our employees in the Banking, Finance & Mortgage Department have many years of experience within the financial sector and with the industry-specific challenges.

The department works exclusively with financial claims, and therefore we have a strong knowledge of all types of loans including mortgages, car loans, debentures, boat loans, “NemKonto”, overdrafts, with or without payment guarantee, with and without legal base etc.

In addition, we handle reporting to Skat (Danish tax authority) as well as manage payment plans, out-of-court settlements and correspondence with your customers.

Our department handles your claims throughout the recovery process; from ordinary debt collection process to the legal process and campaigns in our monitoring state. We ensure that the same employees handle your claims throughout the collection process.

The employees use our unique debt collection score to ensure that the most effective collection process for each individual case is chosen.

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5 advantages

  • Dedicated finance department with competent and trained key account managers
  • Great knowledge of all types of financial claims
  • Many references within the financial sector
  • Tailored solution based on your needs
  • Customised recovery strategies based on the debtor’s ability to pay