Housing Associations

Housing associations is an interesting industry that Collectia has always followed closely. We have a specific department consisting of employees who are used to working with the industry specific cases. We have great knowledge of vacating cases, arrears cases and rent collections.

Collectia today serves a number of housing associations and has developed a “housing association solution”, which is based on four parameters;

High recovery rate due the collection score and our customized collection flows, which are based on the debtor’s individual ability to pay.

Low costs due to our efficient processes, as well as unique partnership with the law firm Advokatfirmaet Burmeister which enables us to handle your claims in court, where you only pay the court fees, and we only get paid when we have solved your cases. Due to our cooperation with the law firm we are subject to very high requirements for our code of conduct. This gives you the security that we work with the highest ethical standards and that we care about your brand.

Our web solution gives you full transparency in all processes and ensures that you can follow all of your collection cases online. Simultaneously you can write to us directly via our online solution. We offer all your customers access to our debtor webpage where they can write to us, offer payment by installments, pay their unresolved debts, etc.

We have worked with housing associations for many years and therefore we believe that our references can reassure you that we have great knowledge of your type of cases.

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5 Advantages

  • Specialist department with great knowledge of the housing association industry
  • Customized solution based on four parameters
  • Industry-leading web solution
  • A partner which is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Flexible solution that is tailored to your needs