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Collectia Creditor App

With our mobile app you get Denmark’s most user-friendly and transparent deb collection solution. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet and get a full overview of your collection cases, when you are on the go. That is what we call “mobile debt collection

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android

  • Create cases
  • Get a complete overview
  • Check case status and history
  • Download invoices
  • Push notifications keep you updated

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Create cases automatically

We have made it even easier to create new collection cases. You are now able to create new cases by taking a picture of your unpaid invoice.

An advanced scanning software reads your invoice in a split second. This saves you valuable time better used for other work that needs your attention.

Complete overview

We believe that our customers is entitled to full transparency of the debt collection process. That’s why the feature “overview” gives the a complete overview of your cases sent to Collectia. You can see collection per month, total collection, total outstanding debt and number of active and closed cases.

Case history

With access to our details case history you can keep track of your cases from start to finish. You can among other things see the performed collection activities, if your customer has responded to our inquiries or if they have read our letters. For example, if your customer signed up for an installment plan, this will appear in the history with a time stamp.

We keep you updated

Keep yourself up to date with push messages. This is a great tool to receive updates regarding your cases automatically. In the settings you are able to decide which activities should trigger a message.

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You are welcome to call or write to us, if you want to learn more about our Mobile App – Or use the form below if we should give you a call instead.
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