Credit check

How does it work?

Collectia communicates credit information on behalf of Experian A/S and can help your business to minimize financial loss on your bad payers.

By checking the customer’s records in the debt-register, you will get a better insight into their economy. To gain maximum benefit from Collectia’s Credit Lookup tool, it is important that you have a good credit policy.

Getting started:

  • Call Collectia’s sales department on +45 77 30 14 80
  • We send a contract for signature
  • You sign the contract and send it back to us
  • As soon as we get the contract back, we will send you the login information for our web solution
  • 24 hours after you started, you can begin to evaluate the creditworthiness of your customers online

The advantages of credit rating:

  • Minimized financial loss on bad payers
  • Better insight into your customers with access to all data on potential new customers – including name, address and tax ID
  • You only pay for each lookup
  • Optimizing your credit policy
  • Simple, fast and secure solution
  • Partnership with a national and financially strong outsourcing provider who can step in if your customers do not pay
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