Debt collection

Tired of spending time on customers who do not pay?

Have you spent time and resources on trying to get your money back without any results?

As a result of our long history with debt collection we are able to provide effective debt recovery without damaging the relationship between you and your customer.

Let us help you to get your money back. In 2016, Collectia has already handled several thousand debt collection cases.

Collectia can help you achieve:

  • Limited financial loss on bad payers
  • Improved cash flow, via an easy and transparent collection process
  • High recovery rate and cost-effective collection
  • A web solution that can be used when it suits you best
  • A dedicated partner who handles your customers professionally, respectfully and consistently.
Choose a solution that fits you

Collectia earns money when your cases are solved. If we don’t get your money back, we will not receive anything ourselves. Therefore, we are just as interested as you are in solving your cases!

Requirements for your claims:

  • No requirement for the debt amount
  • No requirement for the number of claims you transfer
  • No costs associated with the start-up process
  • No cure – No pay
  • Claims with objection from debtor cannot be transferred

Should we also help you get your money back?

We can identify your needs in 5 minutes

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Identify your needs in 5 minutes