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Efficient debt collection

Our solutions are designed for companies that need an effective debt recovery. Below you can learn more about our different solutions that we offer. If you have trouble choosing a solution, feel free to contact us.


Our debt collection experts are ready to answer your questions by live chat, phone og email,

All weekdays 08.30-15.30

How does it work?

1. Become a customer

We can register you as a customer, when you have chosen a solution.

2. Create case

Send your case or create it online.

3. Collection

Debt collection starts.

4. Payout

You will recieve payoouts while the debt collection is ongoing.

Included in the solution
  • Number of cases
  • Start up fee
  • Monthly payment
  • Commission*
  • Reminder fee is paid by debtor
  • Debt collection fee is paid by debtor
  • Interest is paid by debtor
  • Phone support
  • Mail support
  • Online customer portal
  • Personal call to debtor
  • Free registration in debtor-register
  • Free mobile app
  • Collectia can create your cases


  • 1 case
  • DKK 395
  • DKK 0
  • 10%


  • Unlimited
  • DKK 0
  • DKK 229 / DKK 249
  • 0%


  • Unlimited
  • DKK 0
  • DKK 0
  • 20%
* Denne provisionssats er ikke gældende for sager, der løses i forløbet, overvågning.

Frequently asked questions

Which product should I choose?

We offer three different solution. One is for you with a single unpaid invoice. If you have multiple unpaid invoices, you will benefit greater from Plus or Self Service, where you can create an unlimited number of cases. Give us a call if you have any doubts.

How does it work?

Send your invoice or create a case yourself via the online portal or mobile app. Based on the invoice, customer og historical data we will produce the most efficient debt recovery process.

Do you send reminders?

The sending of reminders and debt collection notices is included in all of our products. You can of course do it yourself if you want.

What do you need from me?

It’s incredibly easy to get started. We just use your unpaid invoice to create the case. The amount of the incoice or the number of incoices doesn’t matter.

Online solution

Get a full overview 24/7!

    • Create cases
    • Register payments
    • Check case status and history
    • Get a complete overview the debt collection
    • Answer inquiries from Collectia

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