About Collectia

A short introduction

Collectia is a Pan Nordic debt collection agency that helps both small and large businesses with collecting outstanding debt from their customers in a respectful but effective way. In recent years we have been on an ambitious growth journey that includes company acquisitions in Germany, Sweden, and Norway, where we operate today.

We see ourselves as an IT company specializing in recovery. This is reflected in our work with digital payment solutions, big data, and artificial intelligence, which help to streamline and speed up the recovery of our customers’ unpaid bills.

Collectia offers management of all types of services related to sales invoices/credit administration, such as invoices, reminders, notice of debt collection, administration of payment agreements, debt collection service, as well as legal proceedings.

The company was established on the Danish market in 1998, and has over 20 years of experience in debt collection. Today, Collectia is owned by the capital fund Silverfleet Capital. Silverfleet Capital is a leading private equity fund with over 30 years of experience as an active investor in medium-sized European companies.

We are an experienced debt collection firm that helps our clients to get their money back in a respectful and consistent way, which allows us to optimize our clients’ cash flow and minimize a financial loss on bad payers while protecting the relationship between our clients and their customers.


Jesper Winther
Sales Director
  +45 7730 1493
Sebastian Pallesen
Group Marketing Manager
  +45 7730 1457
Lucas la Cour
Key Account Manager
  +45 7730 1393
Jan Engstrup
Senior Sales Consultant
  +45 5152 9501
Sebastian Andersen
Sales Consultant
  +45 7730 1454
Nina Andersen
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  +45 7730 1449
Rasmus Feilberg
Key Account Manager, Storkunder
  +45 7730 1348

Quality Assurance of your brand

We focus on high quality in all our processes and are quality assured according to ISO 9000:2008 standard. This means that every year we are audited by Cerfidan Certification, and we have our own internal auditors to ensure that our processes and procedures are “up-to-date” and used by our employees.

We have organized ourselves with specialist departments that are built around industry-specific skills. Therefore, we can always ensure that you get the most professional, ethical and qualitative handling of your claims, while we look after your brand.

It is our philosophy to first handle a case believing that non-payment is an oversight or an mistake. Therefore we treat your customers with respect. This ensures that your customers come back to you after completion of the course with us, if this is what you wish. We look after your name and brand during the whole process.

We have been five times named Gazelle Company (granted companies with continuous growth) – most recently in 2019.

A reliable partner

We are a financially strong partner that is AAA-rated.

Member of Dansk Inkassobrancheforening

Partner with Experian

Member of the international trade association LIC (League International for Creditors), which is a network of autoriserede inkassofirmaer