Our values

Our values define who we are and help determine how we act

At Collectia we work according to 6 values that permeate our way of thinking and working in everyday life. Values are often something we just talk about, but at Collectia we live by them. Our values are:

  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Fun

Respect” is the approach we have to the customer who is placed for collection – we have a general belief that most bad debts result from an oversight or error. Therefore, it is important to have respect for the individual customer’s situation, but at the same time there must be a consequence if they do not want to pay their debts. Respect also applies to our employees. There are ups and downs, but we always have respect for the individual and their situation. If an employee for example gets divorced and therefore needs some “time-out” or part-time work, wants new tasks or challenges – we understand that situation and do our utmost to accommodate that.

Passion”. At Collectia, we want to have dedicated and passionate employees who devote themselves to their work and are enthusiastic about Collectia and the tasks they are responsible for. We want our clients to feel our commitment, and therefore we use many resources to ensure that we recruit employees with the right attitude and approach to the work.

Honesty“. This is a very important value for Collectia. We manage your money and customer relationships, and therefore honesty is really important to us. We are honest in everything we do, so there is a complete transparency for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Excellence“. At Collectia, only the best is good enough. We want perfection in everything – both in terms of IT systems and reporting but also in the way we serve our clients and debtors. We want everyone who is in contact with us to be able to feel that cooperation with Collectia happens at the most professional, highest ethical and quality level in the industry.

Innovative“. At Collectia, we continually evaluate our processes and set-ups. We are all curious to find new and better approaches, to think differently and be at the forefront of new trends. It can, for example, be the way we work with data, process digitisation, as well as ongoing optimization.

Fun“. We have the basic idea that it should be fun to solve tasks. In the workplace, we are together for many hours – and therefore we also want Collectia to be a good and nice place to be – with good opportunities for personal development, social interaction, attractive fringe benefits, etc.