Become Collectia’s next partner

At Collectia, we have a number of partners. We help our partners’ clients / members to recover debts from their customers who do not pay.

We have, together with our collaborators, developed some concepts that fit exactly your needs.

Some of our partners

Tandlægeforeningen is an organization that carries interests for all dentists in Denmark.
Minuba ApS is a Danish software company focused on optimizing and streamlining operations of smaller and larger companies, especially in the field of construction.
Contravo is an advisory business. Today Contravo helps many companies to achieve better supplier agreements and get more customers.
The Organization of Dentists in Private Practice (PTO) purpose is to undertake the best interests of Private Dental Practice I Denmark. Furthermore, PTO continuously develops new business concepts for the benefit of the Private Dental Practice.
iBill is a Danish company with headquarters in Aarhus. The company was founded in 2009 and today provide a billing service for several hundreds of Danish customers. iBill is owned by a number of professional Danish investment companies.
Dinero is a company that has developed an online billing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. At Dinero you can invoice, settle VAT and register receipts or just let your book keeper/accountant do it if you dont want to.