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We got a positive impression of Axactor and Collectia from the very first contact

We got a positive impression of Axactor and Collectia from the very first contact. In addition to being experienced and professional suppliers, Axactor and Collectia was competitive on pricing and operates with a modern and efficient organizational structure with a clear governance model where dedicated teams cross border adapted to our requirements was in place early in the tender process.

Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager – Nestlé Nespresso Company

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We experience a high level of professionalism…

I greatly appreciate the cooperation and partnership we have with Collectia and Coop Danmark A/S’ Debtor department. We experience a high level of professionalism, which provides a basis for good sparring and advice. Sparring and advice which is at the same time supported by credible data analyzes. We appreciate the way you understand our business needs and how you adapt solutions so that together we get the best possible tools and knowledge to work with.

Helle Korfits Truelsen, Head of Department (Debtor) – Coop Danmark A/S

ETU Forsikring

A good sparring partner

We experience the collaboration as a good collaboration, where there is room to discuss things, and where we can get help / sparring from you if needed. In the event of objections and disputes from customers, you “process” the simple ones yourself, and we will only be contacted if there is a need (very few). We experience that Collectia has a good approach to customers, and it is clearly in Collectia’s interest to get the customer to pay.

Mona S. Bergholt, Head of Customer Service, ETU Forsikring

Nordic Wellness

We feel clearly that Collectia knows our industry and our customers…

Collectia feels like a natural part of our membership service. We have an ongoing productive where we work together to continuously improve the customer experience for our members. They offer good payment terms, and for members where we experience non-payment, we must resolve the situation together while ensuring that the customer is still satisfied. Collectia also helps us handle our hundreds of thousands of direct debit customers. A demanding and difficult task that now lies with them, which gives us more time to focus on our core business.

Our collaboration with Collectia creates a better cash flow and more satisfied customers who choose to stay with us for a longer period of time.

Mona S. Bergholt, Head of Customer Service, ETU Forsikring

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