Nespresso is renowned throughout the world for its coffee and has a unique focus on delivering coffee products and coffee experiences to its customers, in every single cup. As a challenger in a market for coffee capsules and in an industry that requires quick changes to always meet the expectations of the continuously increasing amount of coffee enthusiasts that expects nothing but the highest possible quality from Nespresso, the need for an adaptable and proactive provider of invoice handling and collection services was of utmost importance.

Nespresso wanted a new provider of debt collection services in the Nordic region and chose to go to tender to find the best candidate.

“Rapid changes require change-willing suppliers who are able to respond and adapt quickly – It was a perfect match with Axactor and Collectia”

Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager at Nespresso Nordic.

Nespresso needed a partner who was able to meet Nespresso’s demands for flexibility, efficiency and for the conduction of a smooth, respectful and honest collection process.
Personal service and collaboration are factors that are important to Nespresso for continuous optimization and further growth.

In tough competition with the major players in the industry the choice fell on the joint-venture between Collectia and Axactor as a provider of debt collection services for Nespresso in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Neither Axactor nor Collectia covers all Nespresso’s Nordic markets but by establishing a very good and transparent collaboration the Parties has successfully managed to deliver a solution meeting Nespresso’s desires and demands to a Credit Management Services partner in a Pan Nordic debt collection partnership. Axactor will conduct collection services in Norway, Sweden and Finland and Collectia will conduct debt collection services in Denmark.

“We got a positive impression of Axactor and Collectia from the very first contact. In addition to being experienced and professional suppliers, Axactor and Collectia was competitive on pricing and operates with a modern and efficient organizational structure with a clear governance model where dedicated teams cross border adapted to our requirements was in place early in the tender process.”

Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager at Nespresso Nordic.

A more professional, efficient and smooth process

When asked what challenges Axactor and Collectia solves for Nespresso, Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp answers: ”There are many tasks that Axactor and Collectia has helped to solve, both on the technical, operational and compassionate level. The on boarding went smoothly, and the challenges that emerged during the initial process was quickly resolved. The ongoing focus is to continuously develop more efficient solutions and work processes, so that we in unison develop the service and the delivery. Axactor and Collectia strives to tailor the solution for Nespresso deploying the necessary and appropriate components and services. Prior entering a partnership with Axactor and Collectia we spent an unnecessary amount of time on reminder processes and invoice administration, but with Axactor/Collectia, the entire process has become more professional, time-efficient and flexible”.

The collaboration has a positive effect on our economy

With assistance from Axactor/Collectia, a new and optimal reminder process was outlined based on Axactor and Collectia’s vast experience and knowledge recovering receivables.

The reminder process is continuously optimized for Nespresso’s customers. This has already after a short time provided visible, positive effect on Nespresso’s KPI’s; The cash flow has become more rapid and this has a positive effect on Nespresso’s finances. The credit period has been reduced enabling Nespresso to save time and money.

”We see the whole project as a journey where we constantly strive for further development and even more efficient processes. In an industry that never stands still, it is required that both we and our suppliers can adapt quickly and be prepared for the changes that will emerge. Both Axactor and Collectia are young companies with lots of energy and the required knowledge that meets all the demands and desires that we have. We are completely dependent on this energy and the courage showed by Axactor and Collectia to constantly improve. Axactor and Collectia clearly stood out on this point. Axactor and Collectia puts us in the pilot’s seat, and both wants and is able to develop us and the customer relationship constantly going forward”, concludes Kai Christoph at Nespresso.

About Nespresso

The story about Nespresso began with a simple idea: to make it possible for everyone to make the perfect cup of espresso coffee – just like a skilled barista.
From the very beginning, Nespresso has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee.
It has shaped the global coffee culture. Nespresso’s core focus is to deliver coffee at the highest quality and generate ultimate coffee experiences to consumers cup after cup.

The unique business model of Nespresso guarantees quality in all stages of purchasing, producing and selling coffee, and to maintain a direct privileged relationship with our consumers.

Nestlé Nespresso Company is an autonomous, globally managed company by Nestlé Group. With headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso is present in more than 60 countries and has more than 12.000 employees worldwide.

Foto: Nespresso