Frequently asked questions

For many businesses, debt collection is something that has not been given much thought. However, when the need for this service arises, many questions about the process also follows. Here you will find the answers to some of the questions that we get alot.

My customer doesn't want to pay - what should I do?

Do you recover small amounts?

Although you may think the amount is too “small”, we can help you. You have done a job and whether your customer owes you 40 € or 2,500 €, we can help you. Our philosophy is that your customers are treated with respect and consistency.

Our concept is that we can easily handle your debt collection regardless of the amount.

What does it cost to create a case?

This depends on the solution you choose. We have 3 different solutions, one of which is free. You can read more about our solutions here.

I only have a few cases. Can you help?

Yes, the number is not essential. We can help, even if you only have a single case.

How do you earn money with a debt collection notice?

Collectia lives of the costs and fees we can charge to your customer.

We start to send a debt collection notice on your behalf, we charge your customer a fee of 15 €. If we can find a solution to your claim, you get your entire principal amount back plus any own reminder fees.



Principal amount (invoice amount):    DKK 1,200
Reminder (Own fee):                            DKK 100
Notice of debt collection:                      DKK 100
Total:                                             DKK 1,400

Collectia collects DKK 1,400 from your customer:

You get:                                                 DKK 1,300
Collectia earns:                                   DKK 100

How do you earn money in the debt collection process?

Collectia only earns money when we have solved your case. You get the full principal amount back, and any reminder fee you charged, when we resolve your case. Collectia charges in accordance with the Danish law your customer with collection fees that depend on the principal amount size.



Your customer owes you DKK 1,800, you’ve sent yourself two reminders with your own reminder fees, and the last reminder contains a debt collection notice. You entrust the claim to Collectia.

Principal amount (invoice amount):               DKK 1,800
Reminder Fees (own fee):                                DKK 200
Transfer fee to debt collection:                        DKK 100
Debt Collection Fee:                                          DKK 600
Total:                                                              DKK 2,700

Collectia collects DKK 2,700 from your customer:

You get:                                                              DKK 2,000
Collectia earns:                                                DKK 700

We are just as interested as you are in resolving your claim. Until we solve it, we earn no money on it.

Do I have to send reminders myself?

No, Collectia can easily do it for you. Then you free up time and resources that are better spent on running and developing your business.

If you want to send the reminder yourself, Collectia can start with sending a debt collection notice to your customer. We offer you a customized process that suits you and your business.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply select one of our solutions on the website and create a user. It only takes 2 minutes. However, you must have your NemID ready to sign the agreement with us. Once you have finished the registration, you can start creating your collection cases.

Do I get charged, if the my customer doesn't pay?

I most cases it will not cost you anything. But if choose to proceed with legal actions, you will experience legal fees or if you choose to withdraw the case. If you withdraw your case while in the normal collection process, you will be liable for the fees that we have imposed on your customer.

How do I follow the collection process?

All our customers get access to our intuitive online platform which is compatible with desktop, mobile and table. In here you can create new cases, follow your cases, download reports and communicate with us.

You can read about the platform here.

Can I withdraw my case?