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User-friendly online platform

Our goal at Collectia is to bring your money home. But we understand the importance of keeping our customers secure and informed throughout the process. That is the reason why Collectia has developed Denmark’s most user-friendly and transparent online platform where you easily can create, follow, comment and update your cases 24/7.

Naturally, we have also developed a debtor-platform for your customers who wants to see their debt(s), communicate with us or pay their debts directly through the platform.

Create your case in less than 1 minute

We have made sure that it is incredibly easy to create new cases. Instead of manually entering the case information is it now possible to upload a copy of the invoice to be sent for collection.

The process takes less than a minute. This will automatically speed up the process for you creating a greater amount of cases.

PS: It is possible to take a picture of the invoice if you do not have your invoice in a PDF format. Our engine for scanning is almost able to read any type of files.


With the help of “smart-view” you are able to get a quick overview of your cases. If you have a lot of cases is it possible to select Filters and Sorting tools.
A look at the overview gives you a complete sight of your cases and collection at Collectia. You can, among other things, see total recovery, recovery per month, your total outstanding and number of completed / active cases.
We offer all our customers access to a report generator that ensures transparency in our cooperation. For example – It is possible to extract the “Case Statistic” report to get a better insight into your collection.
Credit check
You can easily check if your customer is registered in RKI using the Credit Check feature. It is an excellent tool for gaining insights into potential or existing customers’ finances.

Do you have any questions?

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