Let Collectia send your invoices

Collectia invoicing service ensures that you get invoices sent to your customers on time. At the same time it saves you administrative tasks so you can spend your time running and developing your business.

It gives you confidence that you have left your invoices to a partner who has the right systems and capabilities to get your money back. Collectia takes care of recording your registered payments, settling and balancing your bookkeeping, and transferring payments to you – directly in your system or from Collectia’s system.

If your customer does not pay, your invoice will go through a structured reminder process.

Minimum 200 invoices per month.

How does it work?

Invoices are sent digital or by regular mail

We handle the settlements and your debtor bookkeeping

We initiate a reminder process if your customer does not pay

You transfer your invoices to us. We then send the invoices digital or by regular mail to the customer. We make sure to register the payments as well as settle and match your bookkeeping. Our case managers answer your customers’ requests regarding payment. If your customer does not meet the payment deadline, we can proceed with a reminder process and subsequent debt collection.

Give me a call

Or call Collectia at 77 30 14 80

Reminder service

Let us send the reminders for you. Use the time saved on running and developing your business.

Reminder service

Debt collection

Get an effective and intelligent debt collection solution that takes care of your late payers and unpaid invoices.

Debt collection

At Collectia we offer our customers full service debt collection. This means that we can handle the full debtor management: invoice, reminder and debt collection service. We are flexible and can assist you where it’s needed.