Legal Debt Collection

The customer does not pay during the debt collection process

Through our unique lawyer-partnership, we can offer to carry your claim to legal collection.

The whole process before legal debt collection can be followed via our online solution. It gives you peace of mind and transparency in the whole process at Collectia.

We can help you achieve:

  • Free preparation of payment orders – up to DKK 100,000
  • Interrupt the limitation period – secure your claims
  • Attendance in all Danish bailiff’s courts is cost free
  • Help with handling the process of possible disputes
  • Higher recovery rate
  • Peace of mind throughout the process while we collect your money

Requirements assigned claims:

  • No requirement for a minimum amount – for claims over DKK 100,000 a subpoena is to be issued
  • No requirement for a minimum number of claims you transfer
  • No start-up costs
  • Claims with objection cannot be transferred

With our Plus and Premium solution we dont charge any court meeting attendance fee up-front. The attendance fee will be charged to your customer and Collectia gets the first payment when we solve the case.

Legal Costs

The state charge a court fee of DKK 700, which also includes the bailiff’s court fee. The fee will be charged to your client so you can see it as an investment, which you will get back when the customer pays.

No unpredictable costs, since you will always be asked whether you want the legal process or not.

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