Monitoring unpaid debts

If we have been unsuccessful in recovering the debt in the normal debt collection process or if you have a legal base in the case (verdict on debtor to pay the outstanding debt), you are able to send your case to long term monitoring. For normal cases the monitoring is for 3 year, but for cases with a legal base we can monitor the case for 10 years.

We are able to deliver this service because of our advanced collection score and corporation with Experian who daily conducts thorough credit checks of your customers in the monitoring phase. By doing this we are able to react and initiate activities that target cases, where we have observed a positive development in the creditworthiness of the debtor. At the same time, we execute ongoing monitoring campaigns to remind the debtor of debt and make them pay.

If we are unable to collect and the monitoring expires, Collectia A/S bears all fees and expenses from this period. If we receive a full or in part payment from the debtor, the fees and expenses defrayed by Collectia A/S in the monitoring period will be deducted from the recovered amount. You will receive a percentage of the remaining principal amount recovered depending on your specific solution. You can see the percentage split in the bottom of this page.

Collection split in monitoring

During the monitoring period we continuously send reminders to your customer about the outstanding debt and monitor their financial situation. The services is free for you, if we don’t recover the money. Therefore we have a common interest in a successful recovery.

The split between you and Collectia A/S depends on the agreement you made with us. To the right you can see the different splits for our 3 different solutions.


Unique collection score

Our collection score measures your debtors ability to pay the outstanding debt. We use the score actively in the collection and monitoring process. The score enables a flexible and dynamic collection which will vary from case to case.
  • Measures 25 different parameters
  • Unique knowledge of the Dane’s ability to pay
  • Updated daily
  • Flexible and dynamic recovery process
  • Integrated with Experian database

Collaboration with Experian - RKI

With Experian as a data partner, we are able to register bad payers in Denmark’s most used debt register. This combines with our unique collection score makes for an extremely effective collection tool which increases the recovery rate

Experian daily informs us about new registrations, address changes, deaths, bankruptcy, forced estate sale etc.