Public authority collection

If the Danish Debt Collection Agency cant help – then we can!

A healthy economy

We offer an effective collection service for alle municipalities and publicly owned utility companies. A services that accounts for your specific needs and current challenges. Therefore we can ensure an effective and long-term service, that enables public bodies to maintain a healthy economy.

  Fast and effective recovery      Minimization of administration costs     Prevent statue of limitation

  Assessment of the citizen’s ability to pay     Confidential processing of personal data

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”We see it as a step in the right direction to give the private sector the opportunity to help the public sector with the collection of outstanding debts.  Today, we help several publicly owned utility companies with this resource-intensive task. We are chosen for our expertise in the industry, knowledge, experience and because we treat the citizens in a respectful, professional and proper way. This ensures that the customer relationship is maintained – even after the collection process is ended.”

Jesper Winther,
Sales Director at Collectia



Collectia handles the out-of-court collection process for you. You decide which claims (eg based on amount) are to be sent to Collectia.

All data is registered in our secure IT-system and reported back to you.

The communication with the citizens through in letters, text messages and telephone is planned together with you and will be based on the customer segment. We also offer mailing trough eBoks.

Citizens can pay directly to you or via a client account to us.

Possibility to set up unique telephone line with answering in your name.

You get a permanent contact person and team at Collectia, which continuously evaluates the collaboration with you.

Full transparency through our online portals for you and your citizens.

Why choose us?

  • Quick start-up
  • You will receive a clear signal to the citizens who have outstanding debts
  • You get access to external resources
  • I får adgang til eksterne ressourcer
  • You dont have to depend on the Danish Debt Collection Agency
  • Secure handling of personal data
  • You get access to professionals collection employees


  • A steering committee is established consisting of your management and senior employees in Collectia, who continuously manage and monitor the efforts.
  • You get your own team and account manager
  • A confidentiality agreement entered
  • You get online access to all letters, documents, correspondence, financial data, reports, etc. via online portal
  • You define what kind of agreements (discounts etc.) we can enter with the citizens

Startup process example

White label solution

For the past 20 years, we have developed and worked with our own collection system, CollectIT. The system is well documented and tested, and today we handle hundreds of thousands of claims. We offer a white label solution that gives access to the system in your name, if you want such a solution. Again, Collectia can create the solution that takes into account your particular needs. By using CollectIT, a continued centralization of the task is ensured, as you get access to a plug-and-play solution that can be administered independently.

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