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Allocating time for a consistent reminder process is a well known challenge for many companies. The debt weakens your cash flow and thus your ability to plan how you will run your business. We ensure that you get your customers reminded on time and help you to maximize your resources and save time for running and developing your business.

Save time spent on sending invoices

Get a healthier economy

The process is handled by a professional partner

Get more time to run and develop your business

Get a structured reminder process and recover more of your money with Collectia reminder service. If your customer exceeds the payment deadline we will send a professional reminder by letter, SMS or email. If the customer still does not pay, your unpaid invoice can automatically be transferred to our debt collection process.

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What does it cost?

The reminder service is included in all of our debt collection solutions (also our free CollectiaOnline solution).

A complete solution

Collectia offers a complete debt collection solution, that can be customized to match your needs. We handle both legal debt collection and debt collection. From sending of invoice reminders and debt collection notices to handling of legal matters, enforcement and continuous monitoring of your debtors via our online portal.

We want to help both small and big companies recover their receivables from their customers /members. Therefore, we developed various debt collection soulutions with unique advantages – of course we have one that fits your business.

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