Written-off claims

Revive claims for collection

If you have written off some debts, Collectia can offer to resume the recovery of these.

Collectia can help with the statement, going through the claims interest rate, checking the statute of limitations and overall assuring the quality of the claims before we initiate the collection process.

Regarding written-off claims Collectia also offer to implement the legal collection process at no cost to you, in addition to court fees and fees to the state.

Thus you will be able to obtain additional cash flow of receivables that are already written off.

Collectia can help you to get:

  • The resumption of written-off claims
  • Increased cash flow
  • Break the statue of limitation – secure your claims
  • Integrated web solution that allows you to track your claim through out the collection process
  • Peace of mind – Collectia ensures a respectful and professional handling of your customers

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