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Who are we?

We are a modern debt collection company that uses leading technologies and debt counselors to help Danish companies recover their unpaid invoices.

Collectia has some of Denmark's most skilled debt advisors who help Danish private individuals and companies out of their financial situation on a daily basis.

As a debt collection company, we have a great social responsibility to make our knowledge and technology available to help as many people as possible with their financial challenges. If you are looking for knowledge and inspiration to get a grip on your finances, you are welcome to read our blog with tips and advice.

We help people get their finances in order

At Collectia we treat everyone with respect. Our philosophy is that unpaid bills are generally due to an oversight, and therefore everyone deserves fair and equitable treatment.

We want to help everyone get out of debt in the best possible way through competent and professional advice at eye level. That is why we are happy to enter into installment plans if that can help you.

MyCollectia - the key to becoming debt-free

Everyone who receives a reminder from Collectia has access to MitCollectia via MitID. Here we provide full transparency on your case and help you get rid of your debt.

  • Detailed case overview

  • Pay your debts

  • Request an instalment payment plan

  • Get advice

  • Write with us