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Consequences of unpaid bills - MitCollectia
Sebastian S.
May 22, 2023

Consequences of unpaid bills

Everyone can go through periods in life when it is more difficult to make ends meet. However, stopping paying your bills or paying your installments does not solve the problem. On the contrary, it worsens the debt situation and the guilty conscience.

Consequences of not paying your bills:

  • Your debt is increasing
  • You risk being sent to an enforcement court
  • You may be registered as a bad payer in RKI or the Debtors' List
  • Services may be closed

Your debt is increasing

When you owe money, reminder fees may be charged to remind you of your non-payment. Interest may also be charged, and if the matter is referred to debt collection, additional collection costs are added to what you already owe. Therefore, a small debt can quickly grow into an unmanageable amount if you do not react.

You risk being sent to the bailiff

Creditors, the people you owe money to, can ask the enforcement court for help to collect the amount owed. This means that you must appear at the enforcement court, where the creditor or a representative will also be present - in person or by phone. If you do not appear, you may be wanted by the police and arrested in order to be brought to court.

In the enforcement court, you will be charged the full amount and your assets can be seized. For example, if you own a car or real estate, it can be seized. In the worst case, your assets may be sold at auction. In the enforcement court, you have a duty to tell the truth and answer the questions asked.

When the case is sent to the enforcement court, additional costs will be imposed and you will have to pay them.

Registered as a bad payer

If you do not pay your debts, you may risk being registered as a bad payer in registers such as RKI, Debitor Registret or Collectia's own debt register, Debitorlisten. This means that your ability to borrow and buy on credit is significantly reduced, as most banks and companies use this as part of their credit rating of you. This can be the case, for example, if you buy a new phone on installments.

Although being registered in a debt register is a pain, it can actually help you, as it will make it harder to take out new loans and put yourself further into debt.

Services may be closed

If you do not pay your water, heating or electricity bills, companies can legally cut off your access to clean drinking water, heating during the cold winter months and electricity at your home. Similarly, telecommunications companies can cut off your mobile phone or internet connection if you do not pay.

If you are renting, you can also be forced to move out if you fail to pay your rent.

Talk to your creditors

It is ALWAYS better to contact your creditors than not to. The earlier in the process you make contact the better, as you can often avoid many of the consequences of not paying.