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View your case online

Log in to MyCollectia

Do you want to view your case online, pay an outstanding debt, write to us, request an installment plan or something else? Then you should log in to our case portal, MyCollectia, which gives you the options to manage your case.

Write to us inside the portal and we will be happy to help you.

Warning: We are currently experiencing individuals trying to impersonate Collectia. Please be aware that our employees do not send personal emails. Please do not respond to such requests and use our secure portal for all official communications and updates regarding your case.

Have you received a letter?

If you receive a letter or call from Collectia, it is usually because you have not paid a bill.

There are many reasons why your payment has not been made. It could be an oversight, you may not be able to pay the full amount at once, or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, we are available to help you move forward.

Which payment solutions?

At Collectia, we offer many different payment solutions that meet your needs. Whether you want to pay via giro card, bank transfer, card payment, SMS payment link, possibly. installment scheme or something completely different, is up to you.

Via MitCollectia you can get rid of your debts easily and securely.

Log in and pay

Paying your bill online is fast, secure and easy. Simply log in with your MitID.

It is important that you react to payment reminders - even if you disagree. Therefore, we always recommend logging in to MitCollectia to process the case.

Take care of the unpaid bills

Better today than tomorrow

There may be many reasons why you have received a charge. But whatever the reason, it is essential that you contact us as soon as possible.

Dialogue is the way forward. By entering into a dialog with us as soon as possible, you can prevent your debt from growing. One way to do this is to enter into an installment plan. This is not always an option, but if the creditor agrees, you may be allowed to pay off the debt in installments - an easy and manageable way to become debt-free.

Engaging with creditors and debt collectors is always the way forward - no matter how much money you have to pay off. Most people will understand your financial situation. This also applies to the company you owe money to.

MyCollectia - the key to becoming debt-free

Everyone who receives a reminder from Collectia has access to MitCollectia via MitID. Here we provide full transparency on your case and help you get rid of your debt.

  • Detailed case overview

  • Pay your debts

  • Request an instalment payment plan

  • Get advice

  • Write with us