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EasyMe has created a product aimed at therapists, associations, member clubs, consultants and training centers. They offer a unique portal with a wealth of features; everything from booking system, accounting program, access to medical records and referrals to sales of physical products and online courses etc. All in one system that puts trivial parts of running a shop on autopilot.

Do you use EasyMe and have customers who owe you money? Then let us help you get your money back - while you do what you're passionate about.

Easyme and Collectia

Attractive membership benefits:

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    35% discount on credit rating

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    100% return of principal in extra-judicial process

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    Free support and guidance

Avoid financial losses

Use Qatchr to assess the creditworthiness of private and business customers before deciding whether to do business with them. This way, you minimize the risk of bad deals, financial losses and, in the worst case, debt collection cases.

Read more about Qatchr →

Maintain the relationship

We always make sure to treat everyone with respect, so you maintain good customer relations.

Save time and resources

If your customer doesn't pay, let us handle the entire recovery process. It doesn't matter the number of cases, the size of the amount or the size of your business, we help everyone.

Does it sound interesting?

If you have any questions about our cooperation with Easyme, please feel free to contact us.

We are here to help you.