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Collectia offers you a full-service debt collection solution

Full-service means that we, as a debt collection company, can handle everything from sending invoices, reminders and debt collection notices to handling legal proceedings, compulsory realization and ongoing monitoring of your debtors.


Invoice service

Collectia ensures that your customer receives invoices on time. You don't have to spend time on administrative tasks, so you can focus on running and growing your business.


Reminder service

The reminder service is for those who need an extra tool to collect an outstanding debt. Let Collectia reminder your forgetful customers. It gives you the energy to focus on other things.

Collection notice

If you are unsure about how to send a proper debt collection notice, don't worry. Collectia can do it for you. Click here to find out more.

Debt collection

Are you tired of spending time on customers who do not pay? Then let Collectia Inkasso help you get your money back. We ensure you a respectful and consistent recovery.

Judicial recovery

If we cannot get your customer to pay in the normal way, we or our lawyer partner can offer to take your case to court (in-court debt collection).


We can put your case under supervision if we have tried unsuccessfully to recover your money through a normal debt collection process, or you have obtained a judgment against your customer who, despite the court's word, has still not paid.

Written off cases

Empty your basement of written-off cases. Collectia can help you resume the collection of cases(receivables) that have been sitting idle for a long time.


Credit rating

Credit score your private and business customers via our credit scoring platform, Qatchr. You can also check if they are registered in our debt register, the Debtor List.

Customer web

With Collectia Customer Web, you get a user-friendly and information-rich platform where you can follow your debt collection cases and recovery at Collectia 24/7.

Mobile and tablet compatibility

Are you often on the move? Then you can easily install our mobile-friendly customer web as an app on your phone.

Eviction business

Efficient and streamlined eviction business that minimizes legal and administrative costs for the landlord.


Municipal collection

We have a solution ready for municipalities and publicly owned utilities that need an efficient arrears service.
Data washing

Data washing

Lad Qatchr ensure that your customer database is always up to date and validated