Debt collection

Tired of spending time on customers who do not pay?

Have you spent time and resources on trying to get your money back without any results?

As a result of our long history with debt collection we are able to provide effective debt recovery without damaging the relationship between you and your customer.

Let us help you to get your money back. In 2018, Collectia has already handled several thousand debt collection cases.






Self service


A complete solution

We are available all weekdays 08.30-15.30 – tel. 77301480 or e-mail salg@collectia.dk

We send out professional reminders that are compliant with the Danish debt collection regulative

Debt collection notice
We notify the customer that a collection process will be initiated

We call your customers and try to persuade them to pay or enter an installment plan

SMS pay
SMS with payment link – a single ‘swipe’ and your money is collected

Case portal
Get a complete overview with our online case portal

Mobil app
Create new cases with a single clik

Legal action
We can initiate legal actions if the customer does not pay in the reminder or collection process.

Installment plans
We offer installment plans if the customer is not able to pay the full amount at once

Debt register
We make sure to register your customer in RKI (Danish debt register)

Collection abroad
We can help recover your money even if your customer lives abroad/span>

Online platform

  • Create cases manually/automatically
  • Register payments
  • Get a complete overview the debt collection
  • Send messages on case level
  • Answer inquiries from Collectia
  • Check case status and history
  • Pull statistics and report
  • Advanced search function

Mobile debt collection

  • Quick case creation (just take a picture of the invoice)
  • Get a complete case overview
  • Check case status and history
  • Push notifications keeps you updated

Some of our customers

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We are ready to answer you questions. Contact us via chat, telephone or email.

All weekdays 08.30-15.30