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Debt collection service-Collectia-Collection company

Let's move your forgetful customers!

With Collectia's reminder service, you get an effective solution that makes it easy, cheap and manageable for you to recover your outstanding receivables from your customers.

Reminder management is a classic challenge for many companies on a daily basis, and often many do not get it done. A lack of effective d unning management can have major consequences for your company's liquidity, cash flow and bottom line.

With Collectia's efficient reminder service, we help you get reminder customers who do not pay, so you do not have to spend time on it.

Our reminder service is customized to your business and can reminder your customers exactly as you want. If customers choose to ignore the reminders, the case can automatically be transferred to debt collection if you wish.

Let us move your customers - so you can focus on your business.

Debt collection service-Collectia-Collection company

There are many advantages

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Save time sending reminders

Reminder service_Step_2 - Collectia Inkassofirma

Improve your company's finances

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Reminder process handled by experienced partner

Get peace of mind to develop your business

With Collectia's reminder service, you get your customers on time and collect more of your money. At the same time, you free up resources that are better spent on running and developing your business. If your customer exceeds the payment deadline on an invoice, we send out professional reminders by letter, SMS and email. If the customer still doesn't pay, your unpaid invoice can automatically be transferred to our debt collection process.

How much does the reminder service cost?

Our reminder service is included in all our debt collection solutions.

Simply register online and upload your unpaid bills to our Customer Web, which you can easily access via your computer or phone.

From reminders to debt collection - the complete debt collection solution

Collectia offers our customers a complete debt collection solution, where we handle everything from sending invoices, reminder letters, debt collection notice, debt collection, handling of legal proceedings, judicial debt collection, forced serialization and ongoing monitoring of debtors via our Customer Web. As a customer, you decide how much we can help you with.

Collectia is one of the few debt collection companies in Denmark that offers complete debtor management and can be customized to your exact needs.

Today, we help everyone from small sole traders to large international corporations to recover their debts from their customers, members and users. Do you want us to help you too? We have developed three different debt collection solutions with unique benefits - we have one that suits your business, too.