Credit rating

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We have developed our own credit rating platform, Qatchr, which provides provides credit rating calculations of Danish companies.

We help Danish company owners on a daily basis to recover their unpaid invoices. Bit with Qatchr, we can help even earlier in the process – in fact before the damage happens!

By launching the new credit rating platform, we enable company owners to asses the creditworthiness of other Danish companies and private persons before they enter a collaboration, accepts a deal, or continues an existing collaboration.

Free trial period for 14 days.

Visit www.qatchr.dk

Credit check

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  • Credit score
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  • Observation
  • Annual reports and financial key figures
  • Payment remarks
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  • Relations
  • Bankruptcy analysis
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  • Payment remarks
  • CPR validation and status
  • Housing status
  • Debt in vehicles
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Qatchr can help you monitor businesses from your customer database based on 20 different parameters. When a company is added for monitoring, we automatically send you a notification when we see an important change regarding their creditworthiness.

If, for example, we see a change in your customer’s credit score, you can better decide whether your credit terms for the individual customer should be reassessed. This makes your credit policy dynamic and more precise – minimizing potential financial losses.

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Linked to payment register (Debitorlisten)

Debitorlisten, Denmark’s second-largest payment register, is also developed by Collectia. The purpose of the debt register is to offer business owners an additional tool to make better financial decisions. With a direct link to Debitorlisten, we can show our clients if their customer (company or private person) has a payment remark. The remark indicates that the customer has at least one unpaid debt and is registered as a ‘bad payer’.