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Intelligent debt collection companywith your customers in focus

Customer loyalty is based on good experiences. We are a modern and professional debt collection company that ensures a great experience; even when your customer doesn't pay on time.

Take care of your unpaid invoices today.

Collectia has a long and extensive history of assisting a wide range of customers, including small and large businesses, corporations and public authorities. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from credit assessment and dunning procedures to debt collection, judicial debt recovery and eviction proceedings.

Our experience forms the basis of the expertise that has made us recognized in the industry and is the reason we are known as a reliable and competent partner.

What is a debt collection agency?

A debt collection company is an authorized company that collects and collects debts between debtors and creditors. In Denmark, collecting debts from private individuals, companies or public authorities requires police authorization.

In addition to debt collection companies, lawyers are also allowed to handle debt collection; however, they do not need to be authorized by the police.

Debt collection companies and debt collection are regulated by, among other things, the Interest Act and the Debt Collection Act.

There are around 140 authorized debt collection companies in Denmark, and Collectia is one of them.

Who can work as a debt collection agency in Denmark?

Only debt collection companies authorized by the Danish National Police are allowed to perform debt collection in Denmark.

In addition to authorized debt collection agencies, lawyers may also act as debt collection agencies on behalf of others. These are often referred to as debt collection lawyers, but be aware that not all lawyers offer debt collection as a product in their legal practice.

Is it a legal requirement to use a debt collection agency?

No, creditors can handle debt collection themselves, including sending reminders and collection notices, imposing fees and interest, calling the debtor, etc.

Please note that as a creditor you are not allowed to collect on behalf of others. This requires authorization.

How much does it cost to use a debt collection agency?

In Denmark, there are over 140 debt collection companies, both large and small, with varying service offerings. Some specialize in specific industries or customer types.

The prices of debt collection agencies vary widely: Some use subscription models, others charge a percentage of the principal or retain reminder fees, while some charge a lump sum as a start-up fee with no additional costs.

At Collectia, we offer transparent and easy-to-understand pricing.

What are the advantages of a debt collection agency?

Using a debt collection agency for debt collection offers many benefits. Not only does the debt collection company help you comply with all applicable guidelines, deadlines and timeframes, but they also help you ensure that you receive the correct statutory fees and charges.

The debt collection company often also has the advantage that the debtor has a different level of respect for an external party than if it's just the creditor sending out letters and making calls.

Debt collection company vs. debt collection lawyer

Which is better, debt collection agency or lawyer? Since no two cases are identical (case type, debtor or creditor), the pros and cons of both approaches vary.

Both parties have essentially the same tools in their toolbox - and therefore have the same opportunities to collect your money.

The debt collection company typically has the advantage of having more cases and thus a larger data base for how a case should and can be resolved. While the lawyer is often good at cases that require a lot of law; disputed cases, cases within construction and contracting and the like.

At Collectia, we have a team of lawyers behind us - so the case can go from a simple debt collection case - to the assistance of a lawyer.

How do I choose a debt collection company?

Choosing the right debt collection agency can feel like navigating through a maze. With approximately 140 different debt collection agencies in Denmark, the choice is vast, but practical factors often limit your options. Many debt collection agencies have requirements regarding the number of cases, the size of the cases, or that the cases relate to specific industries or claims.

It is therefore important that you check whether your potential debt collection company makes such demands, how extensive they are - and, not least, what they charge for their services. Debt collection prices can vary considerably and are often put together in different ways.

We also recommend that you ask your prospective debt collection agency if they have experience with your type of debt collection cases - for example, some debt collection agencies are particularly competent in the subscription business, utilities, telecom industry and the like.

Can the debtor refuse to pay the debt collection company's claim?

If the debtor objects to the claim, the case can be taken to civil court to obtain a decision.

Based on the outcome of the judgment, the case can then proceed. At Collectia, we have a team of skilled lawyers and attorneys available to assist you with your case at any time - no matter where it is in the debt collection process.

Debt collection company that ensures efficient and professional recovery

The sooner you get started, the easier it will be for us to recover your money. We have a solution for you - whether you have few or many cases.

  • One
395,- per case

  • Number of cases | Pay per case

  • Creation of a case | 395 kr.

  • Price per month. | 0 kr.

  • 10% is settled upon recovery

  • More
  • Most people choose
2.995,- invoiced annually

  • Number of cases | Unlimited

  • Creation of a case | 0 kr.

  • Annual subscription

  • 0% settled upon recovery

  • Pro
3.995,- invoiced annually

  • Same benefits as Plus

  • Credit rating of companies

  • Monitoring of enterprises

  • Credit checks for private individuals

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We help many of Denmark's largest and smallest companies

Have you received an invoice?

This means that one of our customers is missing a payment from you. On MyCollectia you can resolve this quickly and easily.

We bring your money home

Our full-service debt collection solution helps both small and large businesses on a daily basis - regardless of the amount and number of cases.

Maintain good customer relations

Through professional and respectful customer management, we get your money back while maintaining good customer relations.

Credit rating - the path to a healthier economy

We can help you spot bankrupts and customers who are struggling financially.

  • No lock-in period

  • No credit card required

  • Expires automatically

Integration to your accounting systemup: span

Invoice follow-up on autopilot

Send your unpaid invoice for collection directly from your Visma e-conomic or Dinero accounting program.

Artificial intelligence makes debt collection smarter

We are one of the leading debt collection companies in the Nordics, using modern AI technology to create dynamic and situational recovery processes to ensure optimal recovery. This enables us to get your money back quickly.

How does it work?

We've made it incredibly easy to become a Collectia customer. All you have to do is sign up on this page. It only takes 2 minutes. Then upload a picture of your invoice and we'll take care of the rest!

  • Quick and easy

  • Sign with NemID/MitID


Become a customer

Choose a solution and complete registration


Create a case

Create a case via Customer Web or take a picture of the invoice with your phone

Payment - Collectia Inkasso


Payment to you is made in line with the recovery of the case



Recovery process starts

Collection score

Unique debt collection score

Collectia's debt collection score measures your debtors' ability to pay on a daily basis, which we actively use to determine the process behind each case. We offer flexible collection processes as no two debtors are the same. This ensures you an efficient, targeted and individualized collection.

  • Measures 25 different parameters

  • Unique insights into Danes' ability to pay

  • Updated daily

  • Flexible recovery paths

  • Connection to Experian database

  • We clearly feel that Collectia knows our industry and our customers...

    Collectia feels like a natural part of our member service. In ongoing dialog, where there is a high ceiling, we work together to continuously improve the customer experience of our members. They must be offered good payment terms, and for members where we experience non-payment, we must resolve the situation together while ensuring that the customer is satisfied. Collectia also helps us manage our hundreds of thousands of direct debit customers.

    Linda Adehög, CEO and Marketing Director at Nordic Wellness

    Nordic Wellness Logo
  • We got a positive impression of Collectia and Axactor already in our first contact with them...

    We got a positive impression of Collectia and Axactor already in our first contact with them. In addition to being professional and experienced suppliers, they were also competitive on price and operate with a modern and efficient organizational structure with a clear governance model, where dedicated teams across national borders already early in the tender process fully adapted to our needs.

    - Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager - Nestlé Nespresso Company

  • We experience a high level of professionalism...

    I greatly appreciate the collaboration and partnership we have with Collectia and Coop Danmark A/S' Debtor Department. We experience a high level of professionalism, which provides a basis for good sparring and advice, and which at the same time is supported by credible data analysis and methods. We appreciate the way you understand our business needs and adapt solutions so that together we get the best possible tools and knowledge to work from.

    Helle Korfits Truelsen, Head of Department (Debtor) - Coop Danmark A/S

  • A good sparring partner...

    We experience the collaboration as a good collaboration, where there is room to discuss things and where we can get help/sparring from you if needed. In the case of objections from customers, you "handle" the simple ones yourself, and we are only contacted if there is a need for this. (very few) We find that Collectia has a good approach to customers, and it is clearly in Collectia's interest to get the customer to pay.

    Mona S. Bergholt, Head of Customer Service, ETU Forsikring

    ETU Insurance
  • What makes Collectia so good is the people in the engine room...

    What makes Collectia so good is the people in the engine room who do real debt collection work every day, calling and reminders to customers. The only way to get your customers to pay is by being persistent. It's very much about calling and presenting your receivables.

    Morten Brødbæk Sørensen, Chief Financial Officer at Europcar

    Europcar Logo
  • We are better equipped with a debt collection company...

    Recovery is a necessary business process in a customer relationship in the event of non-payment. Regardless of the service that Funeral Denmark provides to the next of kin, recovery from the next of kin must also be done in a sober and professional manner.

    Managing Director Mogens Balling, Funeral Denmark

    Funeral Denmark logo

    Debt collection company that ensures professional and respectful customer handling

    We recover your money while keeping the good customer experience in focus. Respectful debt collection promotes payment and maintains good relations with your customers.

    Secure payment - It's important that your customers feel confident about paying their debts. That's why we offer payment via the latest and most secure payment services - ensuring faster payments.

    Support - Our support team consists of debt counselors who help and advise your customers to settle their debts while maintaining the good relationship between you and your customers.

    Transparency - Our Customer Web is an online platform that gives you a complete overview of your debt collection cases, both ongoing and closed cases. Furthermore, your customers can use MitCollectia for free, which allows them to get an overview of their debt, pay their debt, set up an installment plan and communicate with us - easily and efficiently.

    Get a partner who collects your unpaid bills in an efficient and intelligent way.
    Take action on your bad payers today.