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Have you received a collection letter?

One of our customers is missing a payment from you. On our help page you can solve this quickly and easily.

We recover your unpaid invoiced

Our collection service helps small and large companies on a daily basis – regardless of the amount and number of cases.

Maintain a good customer relationship

Through professional and respectful customer management, we collect your money while maintaining a good customer relationship.

Intelligent Collection

We utilize AI-technology and machine learning to make the right decisions at the right time in the collection process.

How does it work?

1. Become a customer

We can register you as a customer, when you have chosen a solution.

2. Create cases

Send your case or create it online.

3. Collection

Debt collection starts.

4. Payout

You will recieve payouts while the debt collection is ongoing.

What does our customers say?

Professional and respectful customer management

We recover your money home while maintaining the good customer experience. A good customer experience enhances willingness to payment and protects your customer relationships.

Secure payment – It is important to us that your customers feel comfortable paying their debts. Therefore we provide the latest and most secure payment services – it ensures faster payments.

Support – Our support department consists of debt advisors who help and advise your customers to settle their debt while maintaining a good relationship between you and the customer.

Transparency – We provide online portals that give a complete overview of your cases. Furthermore, a platform is made available to your customers, which allows them to pay off their debts, request an installment plan, and communicate with us.

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21 years of experience

Collectia is one of the largest debt collection agencies in Denmark – and our vision is to provide high recovery rate, fast cash flows and remarkable pay-offs and help you to reduce costs, save time and maximize your resources.

You can entrust your customers to Collectia, who will dedicate themselves to collect your money in a fair, professional, respectful and consistent way. It will give you time to focus on new customers and projects.

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Professional and effective debt collection

By leaving the debt collection from your customers to us, you will get three advantages that will allow you to maximize your time

  • Less worries
  • Professional handling of your customers
  • Keep focus on developing your business

Collectia gets your money back while simultaneously preserving the good relationship with your customers, which will give you peace of mind.

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Did you receive an invoice?

If you have received an invoice please contact our collection department at 77 30 14 00 or go to our help page.

Together we can find the optimal solution.