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Download free invoice template
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Download free invoice template

If you are self-employed and run your own business or are a bookkeeper in a company, you need to be able to send an invoice to your customers to receive payment for work done or services provided.

If you have an accounting program such as Billy, Dinero, E-conomic, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or similar - you already have the option of using their invoice templates, which are typically standard in these solutions.

Why do I need to create an invoice?

A company sends an invoice to collect money for a service or product delivered. 

If the customer is a company, the company uses the invoice as a voucher for the purchase, which is used as a basis for deducting VAT on the purchased goods if VAT has been charged on the invoice sent.

A received invoice is used by both companies and private individuals as a receipt for the delivered goods - quantity, size and possibly model name - which can later be used in a possible warranty claim or if there are other circumstances where a purchase needs to be documented.

Requirements for an invoice

If you use an invoice template from an accounting program or ERP system, they typically comply with all the requirements and rules for an invoice.

However, you should be aware that even when using an accounting program, it is often necessary to customize and add elements to your invoice yourself; CVR no., bank details, etc. Information that accounting software typically does not have.

The requirements for an invoice are as follows:

  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Seller's name, address and CVR number
  • Customer name and address
  • A description of the service or product delivered 
  • Delivery date

Always make sure, both as a customer and supplier, to describe in as much detail as possible what has been delivered. If a machine has been delivered, make sure to include the full name and serial number. This is an advantage for both the customer and the supplier, as it ensures the most detailed invoice possible.

An invoice can be designed and created in any way you want, and many companies choose to insert a logo and use the company's font, colors, etc.

The invoice template we have developed for you to download below complies with all the requirements and rules for an invoice.

Invoicing and debt collection

An invoice helps to document a sale and ensure that the trader receives the correct revenue for a delivered service or product.

This is why an invoice is also important in debt collection and debt recovery. Because the invoice forms the basis and documentation that the issuer of the invoice (the company) has a claim against the recipient (the customer).

The initiation of a debt collection case is often based on an unpaid invoice. Therefore, it is also important that the company is careful to describe and include a correct description of the delivered goods on the invoice so that the documentation can be used to start a possible debt collection case.

Get your invoice template here

If you need an invoice template, you can download it right here. We have created an invoice template that meets all applicable requirements and rules for an invoice.

The template is free to use for you as a company - and you are welcome to edit, design and create the template as you wish. You can add your own colors, use your company's text font and add your logo to the invoice template.

Both private individuals and businesses can make use of the invoice, but keep in mind applicable rules and requirements, including adding VAT.

The invoice template is free to use but may not be shared with other companies. Instead, please refer to this page so that the company or individual can download the template themselves.

Download the template

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Remember you can also read more about what an invoice should contain here.

Please note that there are no legal requirements and rules for the actual setup, layout and design of an invoice, you can basically 100% decide for yourself. This template is just our solution to how we think the best and most understandable invoice template could be.

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