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Operations and security

Stable operation and security is of course a high priority for us. Here you can read a bit about how we take care of your data and ensure 99.9% server uptime!

Securing data

Collectia A/S takes security seriously. We host our servers in a top secured and modern data center, located on Danish soil. Continuous backup of both systems and data is automatically made. If the accident should be out, we can be up and running again within a very short time.

SSL secured connection

All communication between you and Collectia is secured with SSL. This means that data is transferred encrypted and cannot be read by others along the way. The same technology is also used by the banks.

99.9% uptime

Collectia has a very high uptime on our systems, but of course there can be downtime due to updates and improvements to the systems. These downtimes are usually scheduled to happen when most people have gone to bed or are enjoying the weekend.

High level of security

Our hosting company has the international ISO27001 certification, which means that security is top notch. They are also ISAE 3402 compliant and BFIH checks this, as well as meeting the ISO27001 standard.