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Invoicing service - Collectia debt collection

Invoice service

Collectia ensures that you get invoices to your customers on time. At the same time, it saves you from administrative tasks, so you can spend your time running and developing your business.

It gives you peace of mind that you have entrusted your invoices to a partner who has the right systems and skills to recover your money.

We take care of recording payments, clearing and reconciling your accounts receivable and transferring the payments to you - directly in your system or from our system.

Min 200 invoices per month.

How it works how it works it

Invoicing service Step 1

Invoices are sent electronically or by regular mail

Billing service Step 2

We post payments and clear and reconcile your debtors' ledger

Billing service Step 3

If your customer does not pay, we can send reminders for you

You hand over your invoices to Collectia, who prints, envelopes and sends them electronically or by post. We take care of posting registered payments and clearing and reconciling your accounts. Our case managers answer your customer inquiries regarding payment. If your customer does not meet the payment deadline, we can send your case for reminders and subsequent debt collection in agreement with you. We work according to a joint debtor policy, which we draw up with you to ensure satisfactory handling of your customers.

Reminder service

Let us move your customers. You free up resources that are better spent on running and developing your business.

debt collection service

Get an efficient and smart debt collection solution to deal with your bad payers and unpaid invoices.

At Collectia, we offer our customers full-service debt collection. This means that we can take care of your company's overall debtor management: invoice service, reminder service and debt collection service. We are flexible and can step in exactly where you need us.