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Download free debt collection notice template - Collectia Inkasso
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Download free debt collection notice template

Debt collection always starts with a debt collection notice, and we have created a free debt collection notice template that you can download for free for this purpose.

At Collectia, we have many years of experience with debt collection and have therefore seen many customers' examples of a debt collection notice over the years. We know how to create, design and send an effective debt collection notice so that the collection process is started in the best possible way for both creditor and debtor.

By using our debt collection notice template, you ensure that all requirements and rules are met. If all formalities regarding the debt collection notice are not followed, you risk that the debt collection notice is not valid and you will have to start all over again - by sending a new notice.

If you experience non-payment from a debtor, a debt collection notice must be sent before collection can begin. You can either choose to send the debt collection notice yourself or have your debt collection company or lawyer do it for you.

The purpose of the debt collection notice is to inform your debtor of your outstanding debt and to give them a deadline to pay before the case goes to debt collection.

Debt collection can be done by yourself, this is called self-collection. Debt collection can also be done by an authorized debt collection company or a lawyer. Debt collection can also take place in the enforcement court, this is called judicial debt collection.

Here we provide you with a free debt collection notice template that you can use whether you are a Collectia customer or not.

Collection notice example

There is no official legal template for a debt collection notice, but there are, according to the Debt Collection Act, some requirements and rules that you must comply with before the debt collection notice is valid. We have therefore created the ultimate debt collection notice template, which of course contains everything you need, is easy to use and is 100% free.

If you hand over the case directly to Collectia for debt collection, it is not necessary to send the debt collection notice yourself. We will do that for you. Below you can download an example of a debt collection notice for free. It is a template where you simply fill in your customer data and the specifications from your invoice.

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FAQ: Collection notice template

Need to know more about debt collection and debt collection alerts?

Here at Collectia, we love to help you get your money back - whether you are a customer or not. That's why we continuously produce quality content about debt collection and debt recovery on our debt collection blog.

You can also read more about debt collection notices here or download our free reminder templates.

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