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We simplify evictions for you

Non-payment of rent and eviction cases are some of the challenges that housing associations have to solve and spend resources on on a daily basis. We therefore offer a solution-oriented and streamlined eviction business and recovery processthat minimize your legal and administrative costs.

Our process is designed to focus on a solution-oriented dialog with the tenant. If possible, we always make sure that the tenant can remain in their home.

We are at your disposal with experience and a proven and ready-to-run eviction process that can be adapted to your needs and current challenges. We offer to handle the entire process or just parts of it. Collectia can also handle your eviction cases afterwards.

Eviction proceedings - Collectia Inkassofirma

Strong cooperation

Due to the unique cooperation with our lawyer partner, we are able to offer to bring together all your current lawyer relations and debt collection cooperation with us.

Your benefits

  • One partner for the whole job
  • Reducing costs
  • Fast and efficient eviction business
  • All in one system
  • Experienced lawyers, administrators and lawyers
  • Housing association avoids the cost of expensive locally based lawyers
  • A partner who is used to communicating with municipalities, debt counselors and citizens
  • One partner who knows the process from A to Z
  • Secure personal data management
  • User-friendly case portal