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Operating budget template - Collectia Inkassofirma
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Free operating budget template

An operating budget provides an overview of the expected income and expenses during a company's accounting period. It is used by private individuals, companies, public institutions and associations, but the focus here is primarily on companies and associations. For private individuals, a different budget is recommended.

What is an operating budget? 

It is a tool that gives businesses a financial overview, including projected income and expenses. It acts as a management tool to help understand upcoming sales targets and financial obligations. It's useful not only for the business, but also for lenders, banks and other stakeholders who require insight into the company's finances and earning potential.

Operating budgets are usually prepared annually. However, if a company experiences large financial fluctuations, it may be beneficial to use rolling budgeting, where the budget is continuously updated with new information and a shorter budget period is considered.

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An operating budget is the same as a performance budget

Operating budgets and profit and loss budgets are two aspects of the same task, as they both show the company's income and expenses, and therefore its ability to make money and generate profits.

Many people also choose to simply call it a budget. The term 'operating budget' refers to the budget for a company's operations and is also the term most commonly used by banks, accountants, auditors, etc.

Example of an operating budget:

There are many good examples of an operating budget, but what does a good operating budget actually contain?

Basically, the operating budget should show the company's ability to make money. The more complex the business, the more complex the operating budget often becomes.

An example of an operating budget could look like this:


  • Sale of goods
  • Sale of sims and services

Costs & Expenses

  • Variable expenses
    • Materials, transportation, salary
  • Fixed expenses
    • Rental and room costs
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Office team
    • Licenses and subscriptions
    • Accountant, lawyer and other advisors

Interest rates

Depreciation and amortization

Operating budget template

At Collectia, we support good and healthy finances for both businesses and individuals. For this reason, we continuously develop a range of templates, guides, instructions and templates.

Of course, we've also developed an operating budget/profit budget template to help you quickly and easily get started with a budget for your business.

The template is free and non-binding, and it can be used whether you are a Collectia customer or not. The template is designed in Microsoft Excel and we recommend that you customize it to your needs and wishes. This includes deleting non-relevant product lines and expenses to create as accurate and precise a budget as possible. Remember, you can always add more lines as the need arises.

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