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Download free reminder templates - Collectia debt collection
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Download free reminder templates

A well-crafted reminder letter is a valuable tool to remind your customer of non-payment in a professional yet respectful way. A reminder shows that you are consistent and have planned activities, including reminders and collections, to recover your receivables.

The reminder is often the first step before debt collection - and is an effective tool for customers who have missed a payment. Below you'll find a reminder example and our own reminder template, which you can download for free.

Sending reminders is not a requirement for initiating debt collection - but a good idea if you want to make the debtor aware of your outstanding debt in a friendly way. The reminder letter may be subject to a reminder fee and a compensation fee (B2B) - as long as you comply with the formal requirements of giving the debtor a payment deadline of at least 10 days to pay your outstanding balance + reminder fee. The maximum reminder fee is DKK 100 per letter.

By using a reminder template, you ensure that the reminder letter is designed correctly - and is legally valid. The reminder template also makes it easy to send out reminders, so you don't have to create a new reminder every time a debtor needs to be remindered for non-payment. In principle, the reminder can be sent immediately after the payment deadline has passed.

Several ERP systems have built-in reminder templates that you can use - but sometimes they can be difficult to find. At the same time, the options for shaping the templates as you wish are often quite limited.

At Collectia, we have prepared a free reminder template for you who want to reminder the customer yourself (we can of course also do it for you) - and ensure that all formalities are in order.

Our reminder template is easy to fill out and complies 100% with all requirements and rules regarding the provisions of the Danish Interest Act. With our reminder template, you are guaranteed a valid payment reminder - and you have a solid foundation for further processing if the customer still doesn't pay.

A non-payment can be an oversight. Therefore, Collectia recommends that you send the first reminder(a friendly reminder) without reminder fees. 10 days later, you can send reminder 2 with a DKK 100 fee. If your customer still doesn't pay after reminders 1 and 2, you should send reminder 3 with a collection notice. Here you should inform your customer that if they continue to fail to pay, the case will be sent to debt collection.

Our reminder template can be used for all three reminders, whether you impose reminder fees or compensation fees (B2B only). The reminder template is free of charge and you are free to change the design, layout and set-up - to suit your business. We do not recommend that you edit the content of the reminder template.

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Get your customer to pay faster

Our experience shows that a carefully planned and consistent reminder procedure gets customers to pay their invoice(s). That's why we've written a guide for you to develop your own reminder procedure to minimize the number of unpaid invoices and late payments.

Among other things, we explain how quickly and how many times you can reminder your customer, what a reminder process can look like and what to do if your customer still doesn't pay their bill.

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