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Debt collection notice - Collectia Inkassofirma

Let us take care of your debt collection notice - free of charge and without obligation

At Collectia, we find that many companies believe that they have sent a correct debt collection notice, but often the opposite turns out to be the case.

Let us help you ensure that the debt collection notice is correct according to debt collection law. Failure to do so can be costly.

Debt collection notice - Collectia Inkassofirma

We quality assure it for you

As a debt collection agency, we have more than 150 years of experience. 

Our quality assurance of your debt collection notice is free of charge. We offer to help you with all types of alerts, both B2C and B2B - regardless of the size of the case.

Let Collectia quality assure your notice and any further process, if you wish. Our experience tells us that a professional, fair and respectful recovery gives you peace of mind, less loss and a better night's sleep.

You are of course also welcome to download our debt collection warning template.

What should I do if my debt collection notice does not work?

Collectia can also help you move on after the debt collection notice if your customer has still not paid their debt. We can help you with debt collection and judicial debt collection. See more under debt collection.

Collectia can help you achieve this:

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    100% legally correct notification of your customers

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    Collectia sends your debt collection notice, at no cost to you

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    Lower administrative costs

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    Fewer worries and less loss on your customers

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    Professional handling of your customers

Sending a debt collection notice - the ultimate guide. Click here to find out more.