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If the Debt Management Agency can't help, we can!

Since September 2015, the public debt collection system EFI has been suspended due to IT problems. This has clearly affected many of Denmark's municipalities and public authorities, which do not have the same financial leeway due to the challenges in the National Debt Management Agency. The result of the lack of collection has caused a poor economy for the public sector. Therefore, Collectia offers to help municipalities and public utilities with the collection of unpaid bills.

To create security for you as a customer in Collectia, we have a specialized team of employees who already today help a number of municipalities and utility companies. We have more than 150 years of experience in debt collection and offer full transparency of our processes through advanced reporting and an overview of all your claims.

Municipal collection - Collectia Inkassofirme

A healthy economy

We provide an arrears service for municipalities and publicly owned utilities. A service that takes into account your specific needs and current challenges. This is to ensure an efficient and sustainable collection process that makes it possible to maintain a healthy economy.
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    Fast and efficient arrears service

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    Minimizing costs*.

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    Avoid claiming parent*.

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    Assessing citizens' ability to pay

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    Confidential treatment of personal data

"We see giving the private sector the opportunity to help the public sector with the collection of outstanding arrears as a step in the right direction. Today, we help several utility companies with this resource-intensive task. We have been chosen for our expertise in the industry, knowledge, experience and because we treat citizens in a respectful, professional and proper manner. This ensures that the customer relationship is maintained - even after a collection process."

Jesper Winther - Round Green background
Jesper Winther,
CSO in Collectia

Case example

Summing up the cooperation

Collectia handles the out-of-court collection process for you. You decide which claims (e.g. based on the amount) to send to Collectia.

The data is recorded in our secure IT system and subsequently reported to you.

Communication in letters, SMSs and via telephone contact with citizens is agreed with you on the basis of customer segment, where we also offer mailing via e-Boks.

Citizens can pay directly to you or via a client account with us (settlement by agreement).

Possibility to set up a unique telephone line with answering in your name.

You will have a permanent contact person and team at Collectia, who will evaluate the cooperation with you on an ongoing basis.

Full transparency through our online portals for you and your citizens - you get the full overview through our Customer Web.

Why choose us?

  • Quick start-up
  • You will send a clear signal to citizens who are in arrears
  • You show decisiveness, collect more money and avoid claiming parent
  • Access to external resources
  • You are not dependent on the Debt Management Agency
  • Secure handling of personal data
  • You will have access to professionals


  • A steering group consisting of your management and senior Collectia staff will be established to manage and monitor the initiative on an ongoing basis
  • You will have your own team and account manager
  • A confidentiality agreement is concluded to ensure full confidentiality in all areas of cooperation
  • You get online access to all letters, documents, correspondence, reports, etc. via our customer web
  • You define a framework for concluding piecework agreements with citizens, whereby Collectia can work

Example of a start-up process

Step 1 - Initial meeting
Step 01

Initial meeting

Analysis and identification of needs

Step 2 - Preparation of the offer
Step 02

Quotations are drawn up

Preparation of offers and conditions for cooperation

Municipal collection - Step 3 Follow-up meeting
Step 03

Follow-up meeting

Presentation and acceptance of the offer and conditions

Municipal Recovery-Step-4-Start-up-Collection-Company-2023
Step 04

Start-up meeting

Data exchange and IT system set-up and reporting

Step-5-Execution-Collectia-Collection Company 2023
Step 05


Ongoing feedback and reporting

White-label solution

For the past 24 years, we have developed and worked with our own collection system, C-work. The system is well documented and tested, and today we handle hundreds of thousands of claims. We offer a white label solution that provides access to the system in your name, if you want such a solution. Again, Collectia can create the solution that takes into account your specific needs. Using C-work ensures continued centralization of the task, as you get access to a plug-and-play solution that can be managed independently.