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Download free letter of demand template

A demand letter is sent to a customer who has one or more outstanding amounts owed to your company - for example, an invoice claim.

It is a legal requirement that you as a creditor send the customer a demand letter before initiating debt collection.

The demand letter is a debt collection notice and is therefore often referred to as a debt collection notice.

We always recommend that you use a demand letter template to ensure consistency and compliance with all requirements and regulations.

The letter of demand is a legal requirement and therefore necessary if you want to initiate a debt collection process. The letter of demand should be seen as a last warning before initiating debt collection with a debt collection company, lawyer or the company itself.

Everyone who works professionally with debt collection; lawyers and debt collection companies, use a template for demand letters - as this provides a number of practical benefits, such as consistency and a defined framework that is used every time a demand letter is sent to a debtor.

If all the formalities around the demand letter are not correct, you run the risk that the letter is not legally valid and a new demand letter must be sent.

At Collectia, we have developed a demand letter template that complies with all requirements and formalities that you are free to use, whether you are a Collectia customer or not. The template can be used by creditors or external accountants.

There is no requirement for the creditor to send a demand letter themselves - it can also be the creditor's debt collection company or lawyer. The only requirement is that the demand letter is sent before debt collection is initiated.

A demand letter is the legally correct word for a debt collection notice, but the two serve the same purpose; to make the debtor aware of your outstanding balance and that you now want it paid - otherwise debt collection will, and can, be initiated.

Letter of demand example

There is no official template or example for a demand letter, but there are a few important formalities and rules to remember. If you don't follow the formalities, your demand letter is not legally valid. Our template complies with all the formalities and requirements for a letter of demand. This ensures that you complete the letter correctly.

Some ERP systems have built-in demand letter templates that you can make use of. However, these can often be difficult to design the way you want.

Download the template

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You can read more about the letter of demand here:

There are no legal requirements or rules on the layout, layout or design of your letter of demand. In principle, you are 100% free to decide how it should look, what letterhead it should have or how it should be set up. This template is just our suggestion for an effective and free letter of demand.

The template is free and can be downloaded whether you are a Collectia customer or not.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the demand letter template

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Disclaimer: This article/template is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.

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