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Download free declaration of debt template

Most debt collection claims arise from an invoice or a promissory note/loan document.

However, most business owners don't realize that debt is not just debt - and the type of debt also affects when your claim legally expires. Generally, an invoice claim expires after 3 years - that is, 3 years from when you issued your invoice.

Other types of debt, such as a promissory note, only expire after 10 years. The same applies to statements of indebtedness. Therefore, it can be a great advantage to have a statement of debt drawn up for your customer so that your claim only becomes due after 10 years instead of 3 years. This gives you more time to recover your outstanding debt and can be an advantage if the customer is unable to pay at this time.

Why make a debtor declaration?

There are many good reasons to make an effort to sign a statement of debt with your debtor.

If the customer has indicated that they are unable to pay or repay your outstanding debt at this time, you can ask them to sign a statement of debt. 

With a debtor declaration, you automatically get a longer limitation period on the claim - and thus a legally stronger basis for your claim than if it had been a simple invoice claim. By extending the extension period with a debtor's declaration, there is a chance that the customer's financial situation will improve over time and thus a greater chance of getting your outstanding financial debt paid - over time.

If you want to make a debtor declaration, we recommend using a debt declaration template so that you have all the formalities in place. A template ensures that you have a legally valid statement of debt.

Consequence of financial demands on the parent

If your claim becomes time-barred, you can no longer claim it from the debtor, and you cannot make use of debt collection - neither debt collection companies, lawyers nor the courts.

We therefore always recommend, where possible, that a statement of debt is drawn up. The statement of debt has basically the same legal effect as a judgment in the enforcement court; a foundation for a claim that is not only statute-barred after 3 years - but as much as 10 years.

Download the free template below

By using our free debtor declaration template, you ensure that all legal formalities and requirements are met in order to have a legally valid debt declaration.

You can download our free debtor declaration template below. You are welcome to design or set up the template yourself to fit your company's design and layout.

Download your template

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Disclaimer: This article/template is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.

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