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Free start-up budget template

Thinking about starting your own business?

Here at Collectia, we love entrepreneurs and self-employed people who dream of starting their own business. Because starting a business is good for many aspects of the economy, with more jobs and increased income.

That is why we here at Collectia have chosen to make a number of articles and knowledge posts about entrepreneurship and finance - you as an established self-employed or newly established entrepreneur can make use of. Completely free of charge.

Because as a debt collection company, we feel a great social responsibility to the world around us; and not least to help companies move forward - whether it's with their bad payers, financial advice or something else entirely.

What should a good start-up budget include?

A start-up budget contains all the expenses you expect to incur when setting up your business.

Typically, the more complex your business is, the more expenses you will have. If you want to start up production in your business, the start-up budget will typically include purchases for machinery and equipment - but if you run a consultancy business, you may have only a few expenses for computers, licenses and office furniture.

Download a free start-up budget right here

We have prepared a free start-up budget that you can use as a template for setting up your business.

The budget is prepared in Excel, so you can easily add more categories and expenditure items yourself.

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Why do I need to prepare a start-up budget?

Regardless of how many (or few) expenses you have in connection with the establishment of your business, it is a good idea to get an overview of what it costs to get started - and thus your capital needs.

The start-up budget can guide you to get an overview of your expenses; highlighting whether you can actually afford to start your business now, whether you need to save more before you start - or whether you need a bank loan to get started.

If you are going to the bank to finance the start-up of your business, the bank will most likely require a start-up budget so they can see what you need the money for.

Requirements for a start-up budget

There are no legal or official requirements for what a start-up budget should look like, but there are many more or less good layouts, templates and templates online for a start-up budget.

We recommend that your start-up budget visibly shows your expenses in connection with the establishment of your business - and preferably divided into categories that make sense for your business; e.g. divided into departments, purposes or the like.

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