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Erritsø Finans

Attractive benefits for customers of Erritsø Finans

At Erritsø Finans, they believe that each case is unique and offer tailor-made solutions for each project. 

Erritø Finans customers are offered attractive debt collection and credit rating solutions in collaboration with Collectia.

Connect your accounting program

Put your invoice follow-up on autopilot

Looking for a seamless integration with your accounting system? We offer an easy solution that makes it simple for your bookkeeper. Find out if we can integrate with your current accounting system here. If we don't already integrate with your system, contact us and we'll find a solution.

Minimize losses via credit checks

Steer clear of bad payers

Protect yourself from financial losses by carrying out a credit check on both private and business customers with Qatchr before entering into a transaction. By doing so, you reduce the risk of bad transactions, financial losses and potential debt collection cases.