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Save time and get paid for your work

FarPay helps businesses choose payment solutions that make it easy for their customers to pay their invoices. This ensures easy and timely payment. FarPay supports direct debit, supplier services, mobilepay, card payments and FI cards.

If you are a customer of FarPay and have an outstanding debt with your customers or suppliers, or just want to free up time for your core tasks, let us help you. We can help with everything from reminder service, debt collection service, administration of installment plans and advice for possible legal proceedings.

Farpay and Collectia integration
Your attractive benefits as a member:
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      35% discount on credit rating

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      100% return of principal in out-of-court debt collection proceedings

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      Free support and guidance

    Avoid financial losses

    Use Qatchr to assess the creditworthiness of private and business customers before deciding whether to do business with them. This way, you minimize the risk of bad deals, financial losses and, in the worst case, debt collection cases.

    Read more about Qatchr →

    Save time and resources

    If your customer doesn't pay, let us handle the entire recovery process, from reminder and collection services, administration of payment agreements, advice, to possible legal action.

    No matter the number of cases, the amount of money involved or the size of your business, we help everyone.

    Easy integration with your accounting system

    Make it easy for your accountant - see here if we can integrate with your accounting system.

    Want to know more?

    If you have any questions about our cooperation with FarPay, please contact us.

    We are here to help you.