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Animal clinics

Attractive benefits for VetGruppen members

At Collectia, we understand how challenging it can be to manage an animal clinic and we want to ease the burden for you and your clinic. That's why we offer tailored debt collection and credit rating solutions for all members of Vetgruppen.

Our extensive experience in collecting unpaid amounts makes us the ideal partner for veterinary clinics that want to ensure financial health. We offer not only debt collection services, but also a credit scoring service to help minimize the risk of lost revenue. By using Collectia's credit scoring service, veterinary clinics can make accurate and informed assessments of both new and existing customers. Our solution provides access to comprehensive credit reports that serve as valuable tools in the credit decision-making process.

Member benefits

  • 100% return of principal in the out-of-court recovery process

  • 60% discount on all credit scoring solutions

  • Free support and guidance

  • Integration with various accounting programs

Why Collectia?

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Improved liquidity

Get your money faster and improve cash flow in your practice.

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Maintain customer relationships

Our professional approach ensures that customer relationships remain positive even during the collection process.

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Save time and resources

Let us handle the recovery so you can focus on providing the best care for your four-legged patients.

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Risk minimization

Avoid financial loss with our comprehensive credit ratings.

How to get started

Sound interesting? Then simply contact Berit from VetGruppen via email

If you have questions about debt collection or credit rating, you are welcome to call us on 77 30 14 80 or send an email to