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Easily send to debt collection if the customer doesn't pay in the dunning process

Are you an Equity customer facing the challenging situation where your invoice follow-up has not been successful? Fear not! You can leave your unpaid invoices to Collectia with peace of mind.

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    100% discount on debt collection subscription

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    Collectia does NOT take part of the invoice amount when recovering

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    35% discount on credit score checks via Qatchr

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    Free support and guidance

  • A complete solution

    While Equity has dedicated its expertise to invoice and reminder services, we specialize in debt collection services. Equity's primary goal is to facilitate effective invoice follow-up for companies, ensuring timely payment from your customers and maintaining a healthy financial balance. When invoice follow-up is not always sufficient, Collectia steps in as a strategic partner, applying in-depth knowledge and innovative methods to recover unpaid amounts. This is a partnership that gives you a complete solution.

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  • Your logo on the reminders

    Imagine being able to offer your customers a truly special experience. With Equity, you can have your own logo on the reminders. Something only large companies can enjoy with us. This is what sets Equity apart and allows your customers to exude professionalism and personality at the same time.

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  • Easy and quick creation

    Equity offers an easy and fast onboarding process by providing a user-friendly registration and a seamless digital integration with our system. This efficient solution saves time and resources, minimizes errors and improves the overall recovery process.

    With our partnership, you get the most complete solution designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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    Oscar Bøjland

    Do you have questions about working with Equity

    We are here for you

    If you have any questions about the integration between Collectia and Equity, please feel free to contact me.

    Oscar Bøjland
    Sales Assistant
    +45 77 30 13 50

    For Equity customers - 35% discount on credit rating

    How well do you know your customers' finances?

    At Collectia, we always recommend that merchants carefully assess their customers' financial situation and ability to pay before entering into agreements. That's why we offer our Equity customers an exclusive 35% discount on Qatchr, Denmark's most reliable credit rating platform.

    Qatchr uses four times as much data as competing registries, resulting in more accurate credit ratings. We have around 700,000 registered individuals and businesses on Qatchr, far more than Denmark's second largest registry with around 170,000 registrations. So if you want to ensure your customers can pay for your services, Qatchr is the right choice.