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Microsoft Dynamics NAV BC integration

Fast transfer of unpaid invoices for recovery

As a trader, you will sooner or later come across customers who are struggling to pay a bill. What do you do?

As a user of Microsoft Dynamic NAV (NAV 2013 R2 or later), you can send your unpaid invoices in a reminder process to collect your money. However, reminder letters are not always sufficient. This is where debt collection comes into play as an effective tool.

With the integration between your accounting software and Collectia, you can easily send your unpaid invoices for collection. We can handle both the reminder and collection process for you.

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How does the does it work how does it work?

Cases can be transferred manually with checks or automatically - it's entirely up to you. When a reminder run is completed, you can double-click on an issued reminder from the overview of issued reminders and send it directly to debt collection by clicking on the "Send reminder to Collectia" function on the scroll bar. The case is then transferred to Collectia and a unique case number is added to the case, so you can view the case on the Collectia customer web directly from Navision by clicking "Open Collectia case" on the scroll bar.

You can also select automatic transfer to Collectia under 'Reminder conditions', so that debtors who meet the criteria are automatically transferred with relevant information to Collectia, untouched by human hands. It's just that simple - Collectia gets all the relevant data, including a copy of the reminder and invoice, and you save a lot of time.

Get started easily

The debt collection integration with Collectia requires that you use Navision's standard reminder runs, as the extraction of invoices and customers for debt collection is based on a reminder, and all the items that have been remindered for are transmitted.

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