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88% success rate with cases from building surveyors - Debt collection company Collectia - Debt Collection Blog
Sebastian S.

88% success rate of cases from building experts

Collectia has analyzed the last 1,000 debt collection cases that we have conducted for building experts and authorized under the Inspection Scheme, and the results are very impressive.

Overall, Collectia has obtained payment in 2 out of 3 cases (67%) that the construction experts have sent to debt collection. If you deduct the impossible cases where the debtor has gone bankrupt, died or left Denmark, the success rate is actually 88%.

Obviously, when we solve almost 9 out of 10 possible cases, we are both happy for our customers and proud of our work. The resolution rate is also higher than for other debt collection cases, but this is due to good documentation of the claim and a solution-oriented approach to the people who owe the money.

It is very important for us that the recovery is done in a proper and dignified way, without compromising the outcome. We are very aware that we are the customers' extended arm when we work on the cases. As a starting point, the debt collection service is free of charge when we succeed in recovering the entire amount, because our fees, etc. are added to the invoice amount and must be paid by the debtor.

"We are of course pleased that so many building experts and authorized persons have chosen us as their debt collection company / debt collection partner, and we look back on our work with their cases with great satisfaction", says Sales Manager Martin Lohmann Eggertsen.

It is important that we concentrate case management on a few specialists. They make sure they are well versed in the material and know both objections and arguments, so we solve as many cases as possible without having to contact customers with questions.

Of course, it is necessary to get input in individual cases, and there is also room for adjustment of claims or dialog about settling without a trial, but everything is based on a concrete assessment of what serves the case, the customer and the debtor best."

It is also worth noting that the average age of completed cases is approx. 200 days measured from the due date to the date of creation. This means that our customers typically have a case lying for just over 6 months before it is set up for collection at Collectia. It also means that Collectia has succeeded in getting 9 out of 10 debtors to pay (when possible), even though the building expert has not succeeded for over 6 months!

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