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Debt collection: here are all the templates you need

Most companies use a debt collection company or a law firm when their customers default on a payment. If you want to conduct debt collection yourself through so-called self-collection, either by sending a reminder letter, debt collection notice, demand letter or the like - then we at Collectia would like to help you - with our templates and knowledge.

Collectia has more than 150 years of experience as a debt collection company and helps wherever in the debt collection process you need our help.

We continuously produce quality content to help you make debt collection easier and smarter - whether you do it yourself or let us do it for you.

Free material for anyone in need of debt collection - whether you are a Collectia client or not

We are an authorized debt collection company by the Danish National Police, and we feel a social responsibility to help and assist companies when one or more of their invoices are not paid on time. Our many years of experience with debt collection has given us a unique insight into how debt collection for companies is managed efficiently and inexpensively.

Based on our many years of experience, we regularly produce content on how you can streamline your company's accounts receivable accounting and, not least, get better routines and habits in relation to collection, sending reminders, debt collection notices and much more.

In addition to sharing knowledge, we also regularly produce materials that you can use free of charge. Our free material includes templates to make sure you comply with all requirements and rules in a specific area. For example, you can download a free template for a letter of demand, a template for a professional reminder, a template for an invoice and much more.

Invoice template

According to the Annual Accounts Act and SKAT, every sale must be documented by an invoice. Most companies today use an accounting program with built-in invoice and invoice templates.

We always recommend that you as a company make use of a professional accounting program - but if you do not have one, you can download our invoice template.

Download our free invoice template here:

Reminder template

If you find that your customer has failed to pay one or more invoices, there are several options for reminders. You can send a reminder by phone, email, letter or any other communication channel. With a reminder (also known as a reminder letter), you make the debtor aware of the amount owed - in case the debtor has accidentally forgotten about the outstanding amount.

According to the Danish Interest Act and the Danish Debt Collection Act, there are no requirements as to whether you as a creditor impose reminder fees on your dunning letter. However, if you do, there are some requirements and formalities that you must comply with. If you do not, your reminder is not valid.

We have prepared a reminder template that complies with all the requirements and rules on how a reminder letter should be drafted. The reminder template is free of charge.

Download our free reminder template here:

Collection notice template

In all debt collection, a debt collection notice (also known as a demand letter) must be sent in advance to ensure that the debtor is made aware of your outstanding balance - and thus possible debt collection if the debtor still does not pay.

There are a few rules you should follow when sending a debt collection notice. We have prepared a professional and free template for a debt collection notice. The template makes it easy for you to send a debt collection notice.

Download our free debt collection notice template here:

Template for a letter of demand

The demand letter is also popularly known as a debt collection notice - in other words, it is a written demand (notice) that debt collection may occur - if payment is not made.

A letter of demand contains a few, but very important requirements to be valid.

We have prepared a letter of claim template. A template that complies with all applicable requirements and rules for a letter of claim is valid.

Download the free letter of demand template here:

Debt declaration template

If you're struggling with a bad payer or otherwise have a financial dispute with a customer, it's always good to have this documented in writing - through an invoice, a promissory note or a statement of indeb tedness.

With a statement of debt, where you sign as the creditor and your customer as the debtor, you have a valid document where the customer acknowledges a debt to you.

In other words, it means that the claim is no longer a simple claim (such as an invoice) and the claim is no longer time-barred after 3 years - but after 10 years.

A statement of debt can be used, for example, in debt collection, where the debtor is unable to pay all or part of the debt now - but acknowledges that he or she owes you an amount.

A declaration of debt thus has the same legal effect as a judgment - which also expires after 10 years. 

We've created a template for a professional statement of debt, which of course complies with current legislation. 

Download the free declaration of debt template here:

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