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Are you tired of spending your precious time on customers who don't pay their bills on time? We understand that time is money and how frustrating and resource-intensive invoice follow-up can be.

As a CarPeople member, we offer to take care of your invoice follow-up - from reminder service, debt collection service, administration of installment plans and advice for possible legal action.

And don't worry, we live up to the CarPeople name with a high standard of customer service that is fair, respectful and transparent.

CarPeople member benefits:

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    65% discount on dunning and collection services

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    100% return of principal in extra-judicial process

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    35% discount on credit scoring via Qatchr

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    Free support and guidance

How dunning and debt collection works


Free reminder service in the CarPeople membership agreement

Failure to handle dunning cases can have a significant impact on your cash flow and bottom line. Why not leave it to Collectia?

If your customer does not meet the payment deadline on an invoice, we send professional reminders via letter, SMS and email. If payment is still outstanding, your unpaid invoice may be automatically transferred to our debt collection process.

As a member of CarPeople, we offer you a CollectiaPlus agreement, where you can choose to use our reminder service at no extra cost.

Collection Service Collectia

Integration to your accounting systemup: span

Invoice follow-up on autopilot

Send your unpaid invoice for collection directly from your Visma e-conomic or Dinero accounting program.

Credit score your customer before selling or performing repairs - Save 35%.

Assess the payment performance of both private and business customers to reduce the risk of unpaid invoices and financial loss.

For your business customers, you get insight into recommended credit limit, payment remarks, management, financial statements, bankruptcy analysis and credit score. For your private customers, you can view payment remarks, CPR validation, change of address, vehicles and customer status (dead, out of town, no fixed abode, missing, etc.)

As a CarPeople member, you save 35% on our credit rating tool, Qatchr.


How to get started

Your contacts

If you have any questions or want to get started with your subscription. Then get in touch with Oscar and Malene.

Oscar Bøjland and Malene Kristensen,
+45 7730 1314