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Sebastian S.

100% digital debt collection company - for your benefit

Digitization has really washed over Danish companies, and Danish companies have embraced digitization like never before. This takes the form of, among other things, the implementation of new digital work tasks, processes and communication.

Collectia is among the oldest debt collection companies in the Nordic region, with over 150 years of experience - but also among perhaps the most digitized debt collection companies when it comes to creation, follow-up and reporting ... all for the benefit of debtor and creditor.

It's not just an increased requirement in the Bookkeeping Act from 1 July 2023 for digital accounting that makes digitalization necessary. It also creates a better bottom line for your business - and a much more efficient debt collection process when everything is created, felt and completed digitally - and online.

In this post, we as a debt collection company focus on why you as a company should take digitalization seriously when it comes to debt collection and the choice of debt collection company.

Digitalized debt collection is good business

Digitalization is often good business - and so is digital and online debt collection. Because with the right digital setup for your debt collection company, you will save an incredible amount of time and resources - when, for example, invoices are automatically (or manually) created with just a few clicks.

Most debt collection companies, including Collectia, now offer API, digital loading and FTP access, for example, so that your company can easily and quickly create, track and close cases.

Online debt collection makes debt collection easy

Let's be honest, debt collection is not an area that most businesses want to spend too much time and resources on. That's why debt collection should be easy!

If you choose a debt collection company with the right digital skills and, for example, the possibility of online access to your cases - you will find that debt collection often works much easier than with manual case creation, manual reporting and the like.

For example, with online debt collection, you can easily transfer the case to a debt collection company, which then handles the case for you - which is basically what most people want with debt collection.

Digital empowerment means more opportunities

If you choose a debt collection company with digital skills, you will find that you have more options as a creditor.

Because with digital debt collection, for example through an online access / interface - you often have a better overview of your cases; how far in the recovery process is the case, what has been communicated with the customer and when will you get your money.

In addition, we often also see that a digital mindset at the debt collection firm also has the advantage that they can often utilize new technologies, such as online payment, mobile payment, online communication (e.g. live chat) - things that may not be used by a traditional law firm. All to increase the chances of getting your money back.

Digitalization for faster and better debt collection

In an effective debt collection process, time and timing are of the essence. Because the longer it takes, the longer it takes for you as a creditor to get your money. With an efficient digitalization of all debt collection cases, all timeframes and processes are adhered to in the best possible way and are not dependent on key people or similar.

In fact, digital creation of debt collection cases makes it possible to start recovery on the same day, or the next working day at the latest. In contrast, it can take several days to process, enter and create manual debt collection cases.

Collectia - strong IT skills with 150 years of debt collection experience

Collectia, with our more than 150 years of experience in debt collection, is among the oldest debt collection companies in the Nordic region - and this is to your advantage if you want a professional handling of your debt collection cases. But at Collectia, we see ourselves just as much as a modern IT company; where we have our own software developers and IT architects who build on our own IT systems, and help customers transfer cases and information in the absolute best way!

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